Transferred Resources

A transfer of resources by the nursing facility resident or the spouse remaining at home may adversely affect the potential for Medicaid nursing facility services. A transfer of resources is defined as cash, liquid assets, personal property or real property which is voluntarily transferred, sold, given away or otherwise disposed of at less than fair market value. If resources are transferred 36 months prior to the Medicaid eligibility application month or 60 months with regard to resources transferred into a trust, it is presumed that the transfer of resources was for the sole purpose of establishing Medicaid eligibility and at that time, it would be determined that a prohibited transfer of resources had occurred (the burden of rebutting this presumption rests with the individual). If the agency determines that a prohibited transfer of resources occurred, an ineligibility period may be established beginning with the month of the transferred resources.

What medical paperwork will I need?

The paperwork you will be asked for would be completed by the primary care physician or attending physician in the hospital. We obtain the medical history, current list of medications and medical notes. If the transition will be from the hospital, our team will get all of that from the hospital to ease the transition for you. If the transition is coming from home, we will work with your physician to obtain all of the necessary medical information.

How do I transition from the hospital to Medilodge of Milford?

Call us at (248) 685-1460, we can start the process! You can also ask your discharge planner or case manager at the hospital to contact Medilodge of Milford and we will make all the arrangements, while keeping you informed. We also have a liaison who can come visit you in the hospital. She will meet with you and your care team to ensure a smooth transition to our center.

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